Bottle Jacks – 20t


Master Hire’s 20t bottle jacks are best used for short vertical lifts. They are often referred to as cylinder jacks or whiskey jacks because they resemble the shape of a bottle. These bottle jacks also have an adjustable ram which can quickly be made taller by turning a large nut on the neck of the jack. Typically used to temporarily lift vehicles or house foundations in order to replace or install additional supports.

Other sized bottle jacks up to 50 tonnes are available in all branches.

Product training and guidance

Our bottle jacks are easy to use and Master Hire’s free customer hand over includes training to ensure you can operate the machine confidently and safely at all times.

Delivery and Pick Up

Master Hire offers convenient delivery and pick up options. Speak to our team for delivery rates which may vary depending on location. For more information on our range of tools and equipment or to enquire about our hire rates, contact Master Hire on 1300 107 107.