34ft Knuckle Booms


Master Hire’s 34ft knuckle booms or articulated boom lifts utilise articulated booms to manoeuvre in a ‘fold and extend’ motion to provide a stable working platform at heights of up to 10.4m. The operator does not need a license to perform high risk work to operate if the platform height is less than 11m. Master Hire’s knuckle booms can be driven whilst in the air and are reliable, easy to operate and perfect for restricted areas with a narrow turning radius. Fitted with rugged all-terrain urethane filled lug tyres. Most of Master Hire’s knuckle booms are fitted with JLG’s Skyguard emergency crush prevention. The 34ft knuckle boom is equipped with a reliable diesel engine offering a maximum working height of approximately 12.4m. Also available to hire from Master Hire is a larger 45ft Knuckle Boom.

Operation requirements

  • The operator needs to be competent to operate this machine. A license to perform high risk work is not required for boom type EWPs with platform heights less than 11m.

Ease of use

Drivable at height, Master Hire’s knuckle booms are reliable, easy to operate and perfect for restricted areas with a narrow turning radius.

  • Rugged all-terrain urethane filled lug tyres
  • Lifting Points
  • Large platform workspace with emergency decent
  • 4-wheel drive with rear oscillating axle and diff lock
  • Powerful diesel or hybrid engine
  • JLG Skyguard emergency crush prevention

Product training and guidance

Master Hire’s free customer hand over includes a thorough walkthrough and training to ensure you can operate the machine confidently and safely at all times.

Delivery and Pick Up

Master Hire offers convenient delivery and pick up options. Speak to our team for delivery rates which may vary depending on location. For more information, or to enquire about our hire rates, contact Master Hire 1300 107 107.

For your safety, convenience and WHS obligations, user manuals and hazard assessments are available for a range of equipment.

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Product Documents

Operators Manuals

Hazard Assessment

These specifications are a guide only based on the supplier’s specifications.

Engine Type Diesel
Working Height 12.33m
Platform Height 10.33m
Horizontal Outreach (max) 6.06m
Up and Over Height (max) 5.17m
Overall Height 2m
Overall Width 1.93m
Overall Length 5.52m
Platform Size 1.52m x 0.76m
Lift Capacity 230kg
Operating Weight 4400kg
Skyguard Sensor