Wood Chippers


Master Hire’s larger 9″ wood chippers are perfect for turning large wooden branches and green waste into smaller, more manageable wood chips. The unit is trailer mounted, powered by an 35hp unleaded engine and weighs 1600kg. Able to chip heavily branched material up to 9” (229mm) in diameter, the unit is suitable for arborists, landscape contractors and do it yourself handypersons.

Master Hire’s small 4” mulchers or brush chippers are suitable for cleaning up branches and other green waste from around your yard or site and turning it into fine mulch. This towable machine will take up to a 4” (100mm) tree branch and due to its narrow wheelbase, it is easy to get this machine close to where you need to work. It is powered by a 23hp unleaded engine, is fitted with a heavy duty centrifugal clutch and weighs only 478kg.

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