Manual Chain Blocks


Master Hire’s range of manual chain blocks are used to lift and lower heavy loads. These chain blocks use a chain and hook and are rated to 3t. The total weight of the load (including the weight of any attached rigging equipment) must not exceed the working load limit (WLL) of 3t.

Both the top and bottom hooks are fitted with ball bearings to allow it to rotate under load. The hooks are also equipped with cast latches to easily and safely attach the unit to items. Chain blocks work differently to our industrial manual lever blocks. Chain blocks use two cogs with a clutch to scale down the amount of force needed to lift heavy items. As the smaller chain is pulled, it begins to lift the item that is attached to the larger chain and hook.


Manual chain blocks are commonly used in garages or sheds and rigging and construction applications. Chain blocks are only used to lift items vertically.

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