1.7t Mini Excavators


Master Hire’s 1.7t Mini Excavators are the perfect tool for digging trenches, holes, or foundations. With a few notable features including a more spacious operator’s platform and digital control panel, be confident that you’ll equip yourself with the right machine for the job. Don’t opt for a manual tool or attempt to excavate by hand when you can rent an excavator, hassle-free. All Master Hire trailers are fitted with a standard 50mm quick release ball coupling with override brake.

Ease of use

All mini excavators are reliable, easy to operate and safe enough for the narrowest of backyards or tightest landscapes.

  • Adjustable rubber tracks for narrow access (from 990mm to 1300mm)
  • Easy to fit through side or back gates making them perfect for any backyard
  • Standard features include fire extinguisher, battery isolator switch and emergency stop button
  • Powerful diesel engine


All mini excavators come with a wide range of attachments including:

  • Hydraulic batter blade
  • Tilting quick hitch
  • Complete range of buckets including 350mm trenching bucket, 450mm general purpose bucket, and 1000mm mud bucket
  • Rippers

Optional extra attachments include – post hole borers (800mm long x 300mm wide), and rock breakers. Furthermore, they come with an aluminium trailer – we can deliver to you or you can collect at your convenience!

Product training and guidance

Our Mini Excavators are easy to use and do not require a license to operate. Master Hire’s free customer hand over includes a thorough walk through and training to ensure you can operate the machine confidently and safely at all times.

Delivery and Pick Up

Master Hire offers convenient delivery and pick up options. Speak to our team for delivery rates which may vary depending on location. For more information, or to enquire about our hire rates, contact Master Hire 1300 107 107.

For your safety, convenience and WHS obligations, user manuals and hazard assessments are available for a range of equipment.

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This item can be transported by a vehicle with a towing capacity greater than 2250kg.

Product Documents

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These specifications are a guide only based on the supplier’s specifications. *Note – The SWL (Safe Working Load) figure is calculated at the maximum reach and height of the boom arm.

Kubota KX018-4
Engine Type Diesel
Fuel Tank Capacity 21L
Track Type Rubber
Operator Position Open Canopy
Operating Weight 1700kg
Breakout Force Bucket (max) 1630kfg
Breakout Force Arm (max) 840kfg
Operating Height (max) 3460mm
Dump Height (max) 2380mm
Stowed Height 2330mm
Overall Length 3710mm
Overall Width (Tracks Extended) 990mm (1300mm)
Travel Speed (max) 4.0km/h
Digging Radius (max) 3920mm
Digging Depth (max) 2380mm
SWL* 200kg