Light Towers – Solar


Master Hire’s trailer-mounted solar light towers are ideal for roadwork applications, construction sites and events. We have a range of trailer mounted lighting towers, powered by either solar or diesel. The Atlas Copco QLTS-8 and Global Traffic SLT4 solar powered light towers both operate with a telescopic boom mast and each have a number of very bright directional LED lights. These units can be configured to turn on automatically when it gets dark or each light can be turned on or off manually if required. Both units have large solar panels fitted to ensure maximum exposure to sunlight and can both run autonomously without the need for additional power. They have zero noise, zero pollution and zero running costs. Master Hire is an environmentally conscious company and is committed to reducing our carbon footprint. These machines can be towed behind any vehicle with a towing capacity greater than 750kg.


  • Construction sites
  • Events and functions
  • Mining and industrial sites
  • Roadworks and traffic control

Regardless of the lighting tower model you choose to hire, you can be guaranteed that all machinery available at Master Hire meets current Australian standards. All our light towers are road registered and are fitted with forklift pockets. If your lighting requirements are needed for small parties or more narrow spaces; see also our range of inflatable and balloon lights available.

Product training and guidance

Our solar lighting towers are easy to use and Master Hire’s free customer hand over includes basic training to ensure you can operate the machine confidently and safely at all times.

Delivery and Pick Up

Master Hire offers convenient delivery and pick up options. Speak to our team for delivery rates which may vary depending on location. For more information, or to enquire about our hire rates, contact Master Hire 1300 107 107.

For your safety, convenience and WHS obligations, user manuals and hazard assessments are available for a range of equipment.

Product Documents

These specifications are a guide only based on the supplier’s specifications.

Atlas Copco QLTS-8 Global Traffic SLT4 Viking Industrial LTS1080-MH
Power Source Solar/Battery Solar/Battery Solar/Battery
Light Type & Output 8 x 52watt LED Lights 4 x 200watt LED Lights 4 x 60watt LED Lights
Mast Type Telescopic Boom Telescopic Boom Telescopic Boom
Weight 862kg 680kg 800kg
Stowed Length 5080mm 3000mm 4000mm
Stowed Width 2020mm 1710mm -
Stowed Height 3340mm 2550mm -
Operating Length 5080mm 4000mm 4000mm
Operating Width 3850mm 1710mm 3440mm
Operating Height (max) 5670mm 6930mm 8500mm