Pipe Inspection Cameras


Master Hire’s pipe inspection cameras are the perfect tool for inspecting drains, cavities, conduits, pipes and wells. The camera is fitted onto the end of a flexible rod which can reach up to 60m with a digital counter and is designed to inspect cavities between 75mm – 225mm. The end of the push rod has a sonde which can be located by the camera and the sonde locator. The video recordings and pictures can be transferred via USB or SD card for play back or records. The survey picture can be zoomed in to see very small details in the survey. This zoom can increase by 1.5x, 2x, and 3x factors. A still image can also be captured and stored whilst recording. The main controller can run off the 6hr rechargeable internal battery or 240v power and the unit can be re-charged by using 240v mains power or 12v. The unit has adjustable LED lighting and 4 close up settings.

The 60m coiler holds the push rod neatly and firmly in place inside the frame with a friction brake. The overall unit weighs 20kg and is 690mm long, 370mm wide and 890mm high.

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