Turf Cutters


If you plan to remove any area of grass, a motorised turf cutter is the ideal machine for the job. Suitable for both small and large projects, these units are perfect for cleanly removing grass with ease. Our machines are equipped with easy blade angle and depth adjustment to cut grass with precision in a variety of soil conditions.

  • Our turf cutters cutting width is 457mm wide
  • Each machine has an adjustable cutting depth up to 64mm deep
  • Cutting speed up to 41m/min
  • Powerful Honda petrol engine
  • Easy to transport, operate and manoeuvre

Tip: For best results make sure to soften the turf by watering it beforehand. Insert your thumb to the first knuckle to ensure the ground is soft. Cutting into hard, dry ground can slow down your job and can even cause damage to the machine.

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