Duct Lifters – 3.9m-4.1m (12ft)


Master Hire 3.65m duct lifters also known as a material hoist are hand operated telescopic masts used for lifting heavy objects such as ducting and other building materials. It can lift heavy items from 150kg up to 300kg (depending on model) to a height of 3.65m. These units are easily transported in the back of a van, ute or small truck and are able to be moved around with ease on the four castor wheels (ideal for tight access areas). Extension kits are available on request and there are a number of different sizes available from Master Hire stores.

Sizes range from: 12ft (3.66m) – 24ft (7.32m)

Product training and guidance

Our duct lifters are easy to use and Master Hire’s free customer hand over includes basic training to ensure you can operate the machine confidently and safely at all times.

Delivery and Pick Up

Master Hire offers convenient delivery and pick up options. Speak to our team for delivery rates which may vary depending on location. For more information, or to enquire about our hire rates, contact Master Hire 1300 107 107.

For your safety, convenience and WHS obligations, user manuals and hazard assessments are available for a range of equipment.

Trailer Icon Ute Icon

This item can be transported in a trailer or on the back of a ute.

Product Documents

These specifications are a guide only based on the supplier’s specifications.

Foot Print 1570mm (L) x 1880mm (W) 1570mm (L) x 1880mm (W)
Stowed Width 640mm 2130mm
Stowed Height 750mm 800mm
Weight 77.5kg 130.5kg
Raised Maximum Height 3.8m 3.3m
Maximum Height - Forks Reversed 4.1m 3.9m
Max Lift 150kg 300kg
Stabilizer Legs Yes Yes
Loading Wheels Yes Yes