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How Many Event Toilets for a Successful Function? (for 100+ People)

Master Hire has a large collection of portable toilets suitable for your functions, construction sites and even private events. Before you host your event you need to decide on the type of amenities you require, you need to work out how many portable toilets is enough? What type of toilets are best suited for your event and what are the logistics and maintenance requirements?

How many portable toilets do you need to hire for 100 guests?

How many porta potties for 1000 guests?! The number of event toilets you need at your function will vary depending on the type of event, the length of the event and the specific legal requirements for events in your area. For wedding receptions, birthday parties and work functions we recommend 1 event toilet per 50 people. You can average that up to 60 people or down to 40 people. There are many factors that impact on the number of toilets required.

  • How long is the event?
  • How long are the toilets required to be there? Do they need to be pumped out?
  • Is there alcohol at your event?
  • Is your demographic predominantly male or female, older or younger?
Portable Event Toilets

For outdoor events, things like a race checkpoint or finish line, you may only need one or two toilets for convenience. A trailer mounted toilet is best for these type of events, because they are so easy to establish. You can have a trailer mounted unit set up at the starting point and then quickly moved to the finish line. These units are fully contained and are easy to set up and pack down, only needing to stow the stabiliser legs and connect to a vehicle.

If people attending your function or event are consuming alcohol this will effect the qty of units you will need. Alcohol is a diuretic, which means the people consuming alcohol will require a toilet more often than normal. We recommend getting the ratio of toilet to attendees closer to 1:30 if alcohol is being consumed.

For an event where you will find lots of women attending, you might consider more toilets as there is often a longer queue for the women toilets. The gender signage on the front of the doors of toilets can easily be updated to suit your ratio.

Other demographics you should consider is the elderly and those using wheelchairs and anyone who may require assistance. There are specifically designed oversized toilets to suit wheel chair accessibility requirements and there are specialised toilets that have a ground level entrance so that people are not required to set up into the toilet like regular porta-loos.

Public Events

Portable Event toilets need to be cleaned and serviced at a much higher frequency to maintain hygiene. This includes cleaning the toilet thoroughly – replenishing water, chemicals and toilet paper. When food, drink and alcohol is served, the number of toilets needs to be increased due to a higher frequency of use (an increase of at least 30% is recommended).

  • <240 people – 3 event toilets, cleaned and pumped out daily (4 for an event of up to 12 hours duration)
  • 250-400 people – 4 event toilets, cleaned and pumped out daily (6 for an event of up to 12 hours duration)
  • 500-900 people – 6 event toilets, cleaned and pumped out daily (9 for an event of up to 12 hours duration)
  • 1000-2000 people – 12 event toilets, cleaned and pumped out daily (18 for an event of up to 12 hours duration)


How Many Portable Toilets for a New Jobsite? It is recommended that construction site toilets should be cleaned fortnightly as a minimum (based on up to 5 people @ 2 uses per day per 5-day week). The onsite toilet pump out trucks are often fit for purpose and have a waste tank, freshwater tank and other sanitisation requirements.

Private Events

When food, drink and especially alcohol is served, the number of event toilets needs to be increased due to a higher frequency of use (an increase of at least 30% is recommended). For convenience and to save on delivery costs we recommend hiring a trailer mounted unit which can be collected from any of our branches. These units require very little set up and can be towed behind any vehicle with a minimum tow ball rating of 750kg.

  • 1-10 people – 1 trailer mounted fresh water flush toilet
  • 11-30 people – 1 trailer mounted fresh water flush toilet
  • 30 people – 1 trailer mounted fresh water flush toilet
  • 60 people – 2 trailer mounted fresh water flush toilets
  • 120 people – 4 trailer mounted fresh water flush toilets

Master Hire has an extensive fleet of trailer mounted portable toilets to suit your function or event. All our toilets are fully self-contained fresh water flush and, for your safety, our range of trailer mounted portable toilets are complete with entry steps and handrails.

Councils in your area will have guidelines or laws around holding a large scale events. We recommend checking your regions requirements and State Legislation as to how what amenities are required for the scale and type of your event. Public events can be tricky if you don’t know exactly the number of attendees through something like ticket sales.

Private functions are a lot easier to manage as they are often smaller in scale and do not have legal requirements involved. Consider deluxe portable event toilets, accessible portable toilets or even shower toilet combination units.

Portable Event Toilets

How often do you need to empty a portable toilet?

Master Hire can arrange toilets to be pumped out and cleaned on site. Exactly how often that occurs can be completely up to you. However in order to maintain a clean toilets, reduce odour and ensure that the toilet waste tank is does not over flow, these waste tanks will need to be pumped out. We recommend sticking to some guidelines from experience and insight from the HRIA.

Installation Delivery and Maintenance of Toilets

Before toilets are delivered each unit is thoroughly cleaned in an approved wash down facility. Suitable chemicals are used to effectively and thoroughly clean down waste tank, fresh water tank, bowl and flap, walls, floors, door and roof. Master Hire’s fresh water flush units are always pumped prior to transportation and come ready to use.

Portable Toilet Interior

How Many Handwashing Stations Should You Hire?

It is critical that every toilet has a suitable place to clean and wash your hands after use. All of Master Hire’s portable toilets come with built-in sinks to wash your hands. We can also provide stand alone hand sanitizer dispensers and free standing, double sided wash stations with two individual wash basins, two soap dispensers and two paper towel dispensers. These units are fully self contained and feature a hygienic hands free foot pump for operation, holding up to 85L of waste water.

Choose Master Hire for your all Event Toilet Hire Requirements

Portable toilet rental periods can be anywhere from a few hours to a few months, you can even rent a porta potty for a day. We can deliver the them directly to you or you can collect a trailer mounted one from any of our branches. Delivery prices will vary depending on location. For Master Hire store locations and opening hours, see our contact us page.